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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bertolacci: I do not want to leave Milan as A Loser

Milan -- Andrea Bertolacci recognize a price tag of 22 million euros it has quite a burden, but he was ready to prove their best ability.

The former Roma and Genoa midfielder is one player who brought the large value transfer last summer and failed to meet the expectations that exist.

"I can start again because I know the club and the environment that exists today," said Bertolacci to the media.

"It is my habit when entering a new situation, which is a bit slow to adapt. I am a shy and reserved, with respect underlie everything. Now I know what it means to be at Milan and it will give me strength.

"I believe that I am a person that is balanced, trying to be an example for others and the same time when I also learned from teammates so that I could develop.

"I am quite aware bawha my first season was not so great and I was not looking for an alibi. It is my habit. I just wanted to know everything, where every time I am going to the track and be Bertolacci true, I have injured first.

"The injury is truly had an impact on me. This is not a justification for my performance, but at least explain why I did not perform as predicted. In this case, I am responsible for my appearance.

"Bertolacci actually be able to perform well both when attacking and defending, sacrificing himself for the team, providing goals and passes. In my last season at Genoa, I bagged six goals and eight bait, so it was my best season.

"I would be very happy to be able to repeat that performance this season. I'm not a striker, but I longed to score and it is something that I usually always achieve. Just get one back is not satisfactory for me.

"On top of it all, last season I was less consistent and berjalannyua time, I also lost confidence. You see me perform with fit and ready to play on the 50 percent of my ability. If someone says I do not have a strong character, I replied that I was not in Milan for granted.

"I never thought to give up and move out of this team. I do not want to leave Milan as a loser. I want to play well here and get back my place in the national team. "
Bertolacci: I do not want to leave Milan as A Loser
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