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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Xavi: Spain afraid in Italy

Saint-Martin-de-Re -- Who players once the gymnastics champions of the World Cup and the Euro Xavi Hernandez said Spain difficulty when they do not have the ball, but not with Italy, and that is the difference in the action scene of 16 large Euro 2016 later.

36 year-old player is no longer be skuad pride La centered around and will leave his colleagues Andres Iniesta to alone with Gli Azzurri on Monday.

"This will be a very interesting contest. Spain will dominate the game, not least because Italy is a team that is not so concerned when lost the ball them," said Xavi in an interview with the media.

"When they get back they can play with how to assess. But the self is not their priorities. Spain difficulty when they do not have the ball, Italy not, they remain relaxd. It is a big difference between these two teams.

"Frankly in a matter of philosophy, personalitas, and the ability to competitiveness, I think you are a rival that most relaxd ever to Spain.

"The History of the Italian players have formed, about the ability in athletic contests and that is why Spain is always afraid of Italy. See the history and also the day when we must meet and against Italy we always receive the news with the feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Recently we quite often win, but there is always a moment where we feel that we can only defeated. That is why I insist that Monday will be a game that is very difficult for the Spanish."

Interviewer also revealed that there was a sense of relief, where the players Italy none feel too happy to have to deal with the Spanish so quickly.

"Of course. Until a few years ago, you a little more calm when playing against us. Now the not so. Let say that this has become a contest which makes us difficulties. The first is the psychological problems we, now we must admit that Italy is better in the matter."
Xavi: Spain afraid in Italy
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