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Friday, June 24, 2016

Javier Clemente: Impingement Pedro Coming While Unjustified

Madrid -- Former Spanish national team trainer Javier Clemente understand frustration shown by Pedro Rodriguez but he felt that if the wing player Chelsea was continually pours out her emotions as the moment that is not right.

Pedro complain at the beginning of the continuation of the Euro 2016 that he does not feel as part of a team after replaced on high action early La centered around and Clemente said to one of the media that while Pedro feel felt felt by each player backup, there is a time and a good place to express it.

"I think Pedro stated what he felt and he did not want to cause damage. Pedro said what all the players who do not play think, but he revealed at the time that less right," Mr Clemente.

"In addition, you would not be in the national team only to increase the number of appearance. You are there to practice each day with the hope to get the appropriate place. Pedro one. But he thinks like other players who do not appear.

"Would what Pedro say will become a problem? Three, if the player already appear he will do the best and ordered all his strength. There is no sleeve players who receive the situation that they live but they said it was secretly, or in the house of his wife. Pedro revealed, but he may think if players who do not appear is not important? Or, Spain have only 11 players?"

Clemente also talked about the situation of the sole gatekeepers because Vicente del Bosque backing up Iker Casillas and play David De Gea, compare the decision when he still train when Andoni Zubizareta will no doubt be choices number only.

It is because he is the best kiper there at that time. Zubizareta kiper is not the only one for me but not other trainers. It is not questioned again. Buyo equivalent with the quality but I called him because of the other reasons for the same reason as Pedro, the relationship in space change," Remember Clemente.

"No 23 players in the team [once it, friends, trust among them and I do not want to call Buyo. It is very good but there is no place for me to admit him into the team. So I enter Santiago Canizares, who became kiper second choice.

"Casillas is not comfortable in his final season with Real Madrid, with Jose Mourinho. The final season in Madrid quite complex and then he went to Portugal, not one big league. It is the league where you only have not contest weight, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon da Porto, team and the rest did not filled with motivation."
Javier Clemente: Impingement Pedro Coming While Unjustified
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