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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Criticism Lineker Hodgson: England's Seen Confusion

London -- Gary Lineker claimed England players do not know what they should do during the Euro 2016 event in which he accused if it was all caused by the management of Roy Hodgson.

Hodgson immediately resigned after the team eliminated from Euro  with a score of 2-1 on the hands of Iceland in the quarter-finals in Nice.

Lineker, who bagged 48 goals during his international career with England, thinking if planning coach Hodgson blame for failure received the prestigious event.

"They need to know what they should do on the pitch, what to do in various situations and I am not sure that that is the case," said Lineker told the media.

"It's like an actor. An actor could appear as possible in accordance with his will, but it requires a very good director.

"I feel confident if once they make a mistake they will be retarded, you should be able to feel if all the players know what they have to do. No plan really mature, or plan B.

"Italy performed very well against Spain and they plan a strategy to really. You can see the coach Antonio Conte on the touchline to direct everything - they play by pressing for a while, then survive.

"You can see it on every player on the field that they know what their duties and positions in which they lived. Compactness and their plan is amazing and it is running smoothly. "

Lineker added: "You can not really see it in the UK. there is a plan, but also a change.

"Hodgson accustomed to using the 4-4-2 formation, the formation he used throughout his career. He has also been updated, and try different things.

"England did not really have a player who can change the formation. England did not have a winger - they only had Raheem Sterling, who appeared not optimal and less confident. Hodgson has no other alternative to choose five or six central striker. "

Lineker also rejected the assertion that there is so big pressure on the shoulders of the English players, emphasizing a team like Spain, Germany and Italy who meet expectations while undergoing this magnificent event.

"England did not have the mental strength which might be due to their lack of success in the last few tournaments, and the pressure was ultimately borne by the British team.

"But you do not just think for a minute that there is a greater pressure on the England team than Spain, Germany and Italy.

"Expectations in these countries is higher than the UK. We tend to be more realistic because we are accustomed to failure. "
Criticism Lineker Hodgson: England's Seen Confusion
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